About Us

When you were young, you loved finger painting: the splashes of color, bouts of creativity, and vibrant masterpieces that were all your own. When you grew up, you applied that same spirit to your outfits, bringing individual pieces together into a stylish ensemble everyday. But when the time came to adorn your home with curtains, rugs, and upholstery, you settled for safe color palettes that screamed bland.

Bring your creative spirit home. Open Horizon is a designers’ collective that’s everything your typical home furnishing retailer isn’t: our store features pre-arranged stations outfitted with dozens of harmonious, hand-selected fabric options for you to mix and match. Whether you’re a professional designer or an amateur with an expert eye, furnishing a home is a joy when you combine our curated fabrics and your custom combinations.

Walk into our Clinton Hill showroom and choose from among ten distinct stations, each containing a world of swatches, samples, and beddings in complimentary hues, designs, and textures. Curate your home with exclusive designer selections from Karlsen Creates, Francesca Madison, Antoine et Marie, and many more. We’ve done the difficult work for you, selecting the highest quality linens, carpets, and upholstery to make your rooms come alive.

Striving for a Santa Fe palette? Looking for classical, cool pastels? Hungry for warm, rich tones? Stroll on by. We'll have thousands of combinations to sift through, from linen blends to shiny silks to soft, tufted rugs. Get sofas, drapes, and beddings that impeccably match every element in your home.

Ready to design your room without the hassle and legwork? Visit us at ____________.